More clients (or money), please!

Here’s a great article from one of my favorite coaches, Jeanna Gabellini:
Have you ever asked for a second helping at dinner? “More rice, please!” Yum! You begin to salivate thinking of how good it will taste. I always pile more on my plate when I eat Thai food.

It should be just as easy to ask for more clients or money. “More customers, please!” They should then be served up immediately, right? Absolutely. The key is to ask for them in the same way you’d ask for food. You’d ask with delightful anticipation, complete expectation and no fear. You’d never worry about being rejected or not getting the end result when asking for a second helping of dinner, correct?

Attracting people into your pipeline is easy when you think it’s easy. Most of us have made up the myth that it requires so much effort and we need the perfect pitch or website. Trust me, great marketing materials work only because they give you more confidence.

When I began coaching, I was so passionate about the results that coaching provided that I filled my practice shortly after I decided to go full time. I had no business cards, brochures or websites. I had no resume of all my years of experience in the field. I just had passion.

Many people use my services with their #1 intention to get more clients. I don’t care whether it’s clients or money you want, the process is still the same. You have to have the perspective that it’s easy to do. Some of you let your history be your worst enemy. You’ve had some slow patches in your business or shortcomings with your finances and you let it affect the actions you take. You play your game with doubt, and it shows.

The Universe can’t deliver the goods until you are a perfect match with knowing that you darn well deserve to have an abundance of income. It’d be to your benefit to wipe your slate clean regarding any negative experiences from your past, news about the economy or fear of failing. How would you play if you knew you couldn’t fail?
Are you planning for extreme success, mediocrity or failure?
Do you know your worth, or do you second-guess yourself?
Are you in your heart or your head – or a mash-up of both?
There are definitely smart strategies to build both your customer base and your bank account. Each person’s strategies will differ based upon their personal values and passion level. I like excitement, so most of my marketing is a bit loud, bold and informal. It makes me happy. It resonates with me. If a promotional piece is formal and stuffy, it won’t feel good and I won’t get a great response. My strategy is to be consistent in reaching out to my database. I also make it easy for people to find me. I’m not hiding out.
What types of interactions thrill you in business?
How do you like to attract money?
How can you better bring together your values and passion?
What are you making harder than it has to be?
What do you need to let go of?
Who do you need to let go of?
Who can help make this easier for you?
What new knowledge will assist you in aligning with your desired result?
More fun, please! Business and money are both games. The way to win is to make it fun and easy at the same time. Put in some action hours but make it feel inspiring vs. work.

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: http://masterpeacecoaching.com/freecd

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