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Grandma’s Hot/Cold
Water Bags:
These bags are the easiest and best hot/cold treatment around!

Massage Therapist Training ,Clinical Massage Therapist TrainingArnica Liniment:
Simply, one of the best liniments on the market!
Massage Therapist Continuing Education,Clinical Massage Therapist Training

Exercise Bands:
Great for strengthening the rotator cuff (yours and your clients)!

Peggy Lamb, Peggy Lamb

Trigger Point Balls:

Save your hands with this useful and inexpensive tool.

Massage Therapist Continuing Education,Massage Publications

Grandma’s Hot/Cold Water Bags

If you like the competition, then you’ll love Grandma’s! Same great bags, half the price! These bags are the easiest and best hot/cold treatment around. Put one under your client’s back in the supine position and your clients will love you!

Large 22″x24″

Only $15.95 plus shipping and handling

Massage Therapy Training,Massage Therapist Continuing Education
Massage Therapy Training,Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

Arnica Liniment

Arnica liniment – simply, one of the best liniments on the market. It penetrates deeply and is oil free. It makes your Aaah! a long lasting experience. Soon muscle aches and pains fade away. A. Dwight Smith, MD, claims Arnica can “Cut healing time by 50-85%.” In his book, “Homeopathic Treatment of Sports Injuries”, Dr. Lyle Morgan states: “Arnica should be considered first in all cases of physical injury.” He lists Arnica’s benefits throughout the book, including: “Arnica works quickly to repair damaged blood vessels, to reduce swelling at the site of the injury, and to eliminate pain. ” Dr. Oz also recommends Arnica!

Only $15.95 plus shipping and handling.

CONTAINS: Arnica flower extract, organic grain alcohol, pure mountain rain water, menthol, wintergreen, camphor, cinnamon, cayenne, clove, and ginger.

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists,Massage Publications
Peggy Lamb,Clinical Massage Therapist Training

Trigger Point Balls

Trigger Point Balls: The TPRpal fits easily into the palm of the hand to be used as a great thumbsaving knobber tool. The tips will insert into either side as you prefer, and allows all of the pressure generated by the users weight to be focused to the thumbsaving tips.

Trigger Point Balls: $13.95 each plus s/h

Trigger Point Balls

Peggy Lamb,Massage Therapist Training
Massage Publications,Clinical Massage Therapist Training

Green Exercise Bands (medium resistance)

Excellent for strengthening the rhomboids, middle traps and infraspinatus and helping to rid your clients of that ache between the shoulder blades from over-stretched rhomboids!

Massage therapists: doing a few “pull down” exercises between clients is great for countering the forward shoulder posture.

Includes instructions.

Only $5.00 plus shipping and handling

Bands $5 each


Buy in bulk and give to your clients:

SIX bands for the price of FIVE: $25.00 plus shipping and handling.

My clients really appreciate
this self-care tool!