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By popular demand Peggy Lamb’s DVDs (Stretch Your Clients, Releasing the Rotator Cuff and Releasing the Iliopsoas and Quadratus Lumborum) are now downloadable. Retain and attract awesome clients with these powerful techniques which deliver exceptional results.Watch them multiple times at your convenience on any device, wherever you go, wherever you are! Special month-long promotional price of $24.95 – Save $10.00! Purchase here . Short previews from each video are available for viewing in order to acquaint you its content.

Peggy Lamb, LMT, BCTMBI’m Peggy Lamb, and I have built a list of Continuing Education resources for massage therapists, including DVDs, books, and seminars, all at reasonable prices.

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I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience derived from over 25 years in the wondrous world of bodywork. I put my heart, soul and wisdom into my Stretch Your Clients, Releasing the Rotator Cuff and The Core of the Matter: Releasing the Iliopsoas and Quadratus Lumborum books and DVDs.

This is the place to come to learn about stretching, rotator cuff injuries and low back/pelvic issues. If you’re like most massage therapists, you want to provide the best treatment your clients deserve, and that’s exactly why I provide the continuing education products that I do.

Remember, We all bless the world through the simple act of touch.