Rotator Cuff Injuries

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"Before contacting Peggy Lamb, I was unable to lift my right arm above my head after a fall 4 months prior. Within one visit, she restored my range of motion to it's previous extension. Her simple suggestions and easy to follow exercises helped me restore my strength. I appreciated her ability to diagnose my situation so accurately." Rob Kautz; Austin, TX

Say goodbye to shoulder pain with a Self-Care Kit that enables you to take control and experience "Aaah" RELIEF

Self Care Kit

Do You have some of the signs and symptoms of an injured rotator cuff? Here's a partial list:
  • Pain in the upper arm, where the deltoid muscle is, especially when the arm is lifted away from the side. It may feel like the pain is deep in the shoulder joint. This pain is often from trigger points in the rotator cuff muscles.

  • Limited range of motion in the arm/shoulder.

  • Pain at rest or during movement.

  • Pain during movements like those involved in getting dressed, brushing your hair, reaching back to a night-stand, fastening a seat belt, putting on a coat and many more.

If shoulder pain and lack of mobility is affecting your life, you are in the right place! My name is Peggy Lamb. I’m a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist, published author and highly sought after national trainer with a specialty in shoulders. My book/DVD and seminar Releasing the Rotator Cuff has enabled thousands of massage therapists across the country to aid people like you.

I myself had a rotator cuff injury and through my own healing journey I developed techniques for massage therapists and self-care treatments for my clients.

My techniques and treatments have helped my clients and the clients of the massage therapists I've trained to:
  • Avoid surgery

  • Throw away expensive drugs that don’t work

  • Pass up endless physical therapy.

I have created a Self-Care Kit that works! You get:

Self Care Kit
  • Shoulder Pain Self Care Kit: $64.95
  • Quantity
A. A clear overview of the shoulder in easily understood terms
B. Effective and soothing stretches for tight muscles
C. Easy-to-do strength training exercises for weak muscles
D. Valuable suggestions for sleep positioning; one of the most significant and impactful changes you can make. Aaah!

  • A wonderful hot water bag. Lie on it and feel the pain melt away as circulation is increased to the affected muscles.
  • Exercise band for the strength training exercises
  • A small therapeutic ball for self trigger-point work
  • A specially formulated Arnica liniment, proven therapeutically effective for joint pain.

  • Were you diagnosed with bursitis or arthritis? Most shoulder conditions start with incorrect shoulder mechanics that over time cause trigger points in the rotator cuff muscles. Trigger points are hyperirritable points in the muscle that refer pain to another part of the body. For example, trigger points in the infraspinatus (one of the rotator cuff muscles) refer pain down the arm, especially in the area of the deltoid (upper arm). The pain is deep and aching, like something is wrong in the joint. Most of the time there isn’t any serious joint pathology, just muscles that need tender loving care. Often doctors will diagnose shoulder pain as bursitis or arthritis when the real problem is in the rotator cuff. Anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed which treats the symptoms but not the cause. Also, doctors may not make the patient aware that a simple change in sleeping position can be profoundly effective.

    Read this testimonial from a happy client:

    Peggy was a miracle worker in my life. A number of years ago I started hurting on the outside of the upper part of my right arm. I couldn't sleep on my stomach or that side a because of the extreme pain. Eventually, the same thing happened on the left arm. At this point I went to my physician who gave me some kind of medication which didn't help. Then he sent me to a specialist who gave me a different medication which didn't help. Then the specialist sent me to physical therapy. I got worse. After about eight weeks of physical therapy, the specialist decided I would need surgery. I walked out of his office and thought I am worse off than when I started this, I'll just live with it. About that time a friend in Dallas who goes to a massage therapist told her about me. She asked a simple question which neither doctor had asked me, "Does it hurt all of the time or just when she raises her hands or pushes her arms back." That was easy, I could work with my hands in front of me with no pain. That massage therapist referred me to Peggy. At my first appointment she told me she that I had rotator cuff problems. I was very skeptical. Her manipulation seemed very minor to me, and she gave me instructions for a simple exercise. I believe it was after the second visit that I raised my arms up and then up and up and I was free of pain. This was almost unbelievable. I will be eternally grateful for Peggy. The medical profession misdiagnosed me and was about to do surgery on me. It scares me every time I think about it. Now, every time I think of Peggy Lamb, I thank God for her. Her caring concern and her expertise cured me of rotator cuff problems.
    Dr. Beverly Chiodo, Professor
    Department of Management
    Texas State University
    "National Teacher of the Year," 1997

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