Stretch Your Clients

The Bodyworkers Guide to Client Table Stretches

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Stretching the left piriformis and right hamstring muscles.

Stretch Your Clients and Grow Your Business!

Tired of doing the same old stretches you learned in massage school? Attract and retain awesome clients Stretch Your Clients by Peggy Lamb, MA, BCTMB, LMT, is a comprehensive study of table stretches for more than 50 muscles. Consisting of a DVD and a book with interactive CD-ROM, which can be purchased separately or together or as part of a 16 credit home study course , Stretch Your Clients is a fabulous resource for both massage therapy students and practicing massage therapists interested in advancing their skills.


  1. Attract and retain awesome clients with these powerful stretches that deliver exceptional results
  2. Develop confidence in knowing how to stretch injured muscles and what common muscles not to stretch
  3. Distinguish yourself above the rest as the therapist who stretches!
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Stretch Your Clients Book & Interactive CD (Windows only)

The Stretch Your Clients spiral bound book with interactive CD-ROM consists of:
• forty-five black and white photographs
• easy, step-by-step instructions
• stretches for more than fifty muscles

The book also has sections on:
• The Long and Short of Stretching
• The Stretch Reflex
• General Guidelines for Stretching
• Post-Injury Stretching
• Therapist’s Body Mechanics
• Muscle Actions

The Stretch Your Clients CD-ROM, (for Windows only)
has fun, interactive quizzes to help you learn the material.

Clinical Massage Therapist Training,Massage Therapy TrainingThe Stretch Your Clients DVD consists of:

  • forty-five stretches demonstrated by Peggy Lamb, NCTMB
  • clear and concise instructions
  • stretches for more than fifty muscles
  • demonstrations of active resistive and antagonist contract stretching techniques

And lots more!


Comments about the Stretch Your Clients products:

“I have been a Bodyworker for 30 years and I must grant you kudos for making such a wonderful simplified manual–it makes me wonder why I could not have had such a great idea as yours. I am a great believer in the necessity to stretch which is so under estimated in many provider offices. Thank you for being so brilliant!” – – Dr. Henry Roth, D.C.; Red Bank, N.J.

“The book is great!” – Tracy Schloss, Wenatchee, WA

“Ms Lamb’s book covers most major areas via easy to understand pictures, script and the logic behind them.” – Glynis Porter, La Grange, Texas

“extremely helpful….Your CD is excellent!” – Renie Cooney, Georgetown, Kentucky

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Stretch Your Clients Package:  
DVD, Book & Interactive CD-ROM (Windows Only) $60.95

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Stretch Your Clients DVD – $39.95

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Stretch Your Clients DVD Download – view on all your devices! – $34.95.
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Stretch Your Clients Book & Interactive CD-ROM (Windows only) – $24.95

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